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Web Design with SEO Effects

Page Navigation

Your website page’s navigation needs to be clear and should be text links. Take care that every page in the website should be reachable by at least one text link on site.

Use Reasonable Links

In any website kinks are important, but keep them to a reasonable number. If you use too many links in site it looks spammy.


Once your website development be completed you should make a sitemap and should submit it to Google. Google will use your sitemap to index your site links and crawl the information and content on those links. Make sure that your web developer makes it to you. If not, hire someone else to develop your site.

SEO with Development

There you will find some people who really understand what (SEO) search engine optimization is, and why it is important. Many people think that if you just use a number of keywords into your page’s content that is “optimization” of your content. It’s Right. Simplest form of SEO, means thinking the words or phrases, called keywords that people may use to find your business or website, and then writing content includes those keywords and phrases to use on site.

Use Text Instead of Images

A cheap website design with visually attraction and images is good in our opinion. However, Google can’t see those images on your website, so try not to use images as a replacement of content. Keep in mind that if you use images on each page of your site, don’t embed important text inside images. If you use images on website, tell the search engine much as you can about used images by applying “ALT tags” and a descriptive image name.