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Use Link Cloaking Software

The affiliate can then display this affiliate link wherever possible, on places such as adverts or on web pages. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of those links and buys the product, that affiliate gets paid a percentage. This percentage can vary quite a lot, but it is very often 50% of the total price.

Within this overall process, link cloaking software is very often introduced in an effort to increase sales. Basically the link cloaking software converts the unique affiliate link into a different sort of link, one that looks better overall. The new cloaked link works exactly the same as the affiliate link, it still takes the customer to the same destination page, just using a slightly different route.

How to use link cloaking software: well first you have to buy one. There are several different software packages available, all with different prices and different features, but all doing very much the same thing, concealing your affiliate nature and making you look more professional to the public in general.

You could begin by doing an internet search for link cloaking software when starting your research. Have a look through the different prices, and the different features provided by each one. Some of them are sold for a once-off fee, whereas some of them are sold on a subscription basis, meaning you have to pay a fee every month. Also beware that some of them require you to purchase extra licences if you want to make use of the link cloaking software on more than one website.

Most importantly, look for independent reviews from other customers of the product, as these can often highlight some hidden problems that you might not be aware of otherwise.

Once you have found and purchased the right product, make sure that you set aside an appropriate amount of time to fully read through and understand the documentation that should be provided with it. Contact the support department if you need some extra help understanding some aspects.

When it comes to installing and using the link cloaking software, this will vary depending on the chosen package. The documentation should provide full instructions for this, but very often it is as simple as uploading a plugin to your website and activating it.

Next, all you need to do is copy and paste your existing affiliate link into the new software (again refer to the instructions), and it will do all the rest of the work for you. From this point on you will have a new link that you can use, and these cloaked links have been proven to be more profitable overall.