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Terms Use in Web Development

Home Page
Home Page refers to the first page or the front page of your website. When the visitors type in your website address or click on a link leading to your website, they are greeted by the Home Page. The Home Page includes other major links that lead a visitor to other webpages inside that particular website.

Anchor Text
Every web address has a word which is used as a starting point and ending point that is embedded into the webpage. This word or term is known as Anchor Text.

Certain information is automatically stored by a webserver into a browser. Such information is called a Cookie. Whenever you visit the same website again, that stored information can be accessed. Cookie contains all the information about your computer and its identity and also your surfing activity. It is used to track sales by affiliate programs.

There is a bookmark option available in a web browser. If you want to use a certain website or link for future references and want to mark it as favorite on your web browser, then you can save that link or website using the Bookmark option.

Files and information on the internet are transferred by means of data or speed that is called Bandwidth. If the bandwidth provided by the service provider is high, then it will help in loading your webpage faster.

Database is generally computer data that is stored in a webserver. Web or computer programs can access the database in order to provide or retrieve information for the user.