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Improve Business Web

  • HTML vs CSS – CSS seems to be the future, however HTML still has a number of positive uses. Some of the underlying HTML can be used in coding to make a site more search friendly. Even if the majority of your site is CSS (it probably will be) get coders or programmers who know how to engineer some HTML coding for searchability. It’s not that hard, they should be able to learn it pretty quick if they don’t already know.
  • Make content downloadable – There is probably going to be some information on your site that either can hurt your searchability (like if you’re afraid it contains repeated content from one of your sites, blogs etc. or if there is a lot of overlap with similar products) or some information that you don’t want just any random user to have easy access to, like a competitor. Well if competitors want it bad enough they’ll get it, but take the extra step of making content of either sort described into a read only downloadable file.
  • Wikipedia – Wikipedia is a truly great site. Make a page about your company. Remember to stick to the facts though. This isn’t a sales page just a facts page. It is great for a link.
  • Get site owners’ opinions – They’re like you-know-whats, everyone has one. Other business site owners have probably seen a lot of the same challenges you are facing. Talk to eachother, share information… share these tips.
  • Rename long links – Do you see the address bar at the very top of the page? You will likely notice on the inner pages of your website this address gets a little crazy, Looks dumb and search engines don’t like it. There are tools that let you change the name to something simple and relevant.
  • Should I use Flash? – My initial reaction is always no unless you are a designer or in some kind of graphic arts field. Flash tends to slow everything down, and frankly good headlines and a few good images work just as well. For many designers and business owners though, the temptation is just too great. If you have Flash at the very least give visitors the option to “skip intro.”
  • Gain online authority – Post your knowledge on blogs, forums, and of course your own sites. Don’t just be a salesman, be an expert in the general area with real knowledge. Search engines love this, and real humans love it even more.
  • Local Paper – People read it. More important local people read it. Local traffic is how every great site has to start if they have any hope of being effective long term.
  • Charity – It gives you that warm fuzzy feeling, is a tax write off, and charity sites will post your link. Google really likes most charity sites, and really likes those businesses linked to and from charity sites.
  • W3C standards – It is important that any business involved in customers online, even if it is only mailing lists, followers, social network friends, etc, understand the W3C privacy standards. Not following these will bring down the wrath of Google soon enough, and Google’s like Santa Clause. He knows when you’ve been naughty even if it takes until the end of the year to figure it out.