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About SEO Friendly Web Design

It is the design of websites that improves ranks. The Google rules state that the crawlers focus on following things –

  • Code behavior
  • Navigation behavior
  • User profitability
  • Content Consistency
  • Home page visibility from every page

Let analyze what Google Hummingbird says

It focuses on link building strategy. The links are created, but of varied anchor text. Count the link velocity. A good link building strategy for any website includes the variable links from authorized sources like .edu and .gov. A well designed website links are optimized according to the search engine links. Links to websites is form image link, video, link, and anchor text link.

Effect of Citation links

To represent website to third party websites, citations are a good idea. It represents true business information. It improves website visibility. The business citation link includes –

  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business Phone Number

It is not necessary that business listing gives you a back link, as it basically represents your web presence. It helps that your business is easily searchable from all over the world.

Some important things to consider while submitting business listing

  • Share unique business information
  • True business address
  • Phone number unique

The business listing results displayed in the Google places. These places are known as seven places. Submitting your business website doesn’t mean that your website appears in the Google places, as it all depends on the Google rules, when to appear.

The Google rules always say go with quality otherwise with a BANG! If any update comes, as it changes 500 times a day. It is observed as a SEO professional.