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Monthly Archives: February 2017

Use Link Cloaking Software

The affiliate can then display this affiliate link wherever possible, on places such as adverts or on web pages. Whenever a visitor clicks on one of those links and buys the product, that affiliate gets paid a percentage. This percentage can vary quite a lot, but it is very often 50% of the total price.

Within this overall process, link cloaking software is very often introduced in an effort to increase sales. Basically the link cloaking software converts the unique affiliate link into a different sort of link, one that looks better overall. The new cloaked link works exactly the same as the affiliate link, it still takes the customer to the same destination page, just using a slightly different route.

How to use link cloaking software: well first you have to buy one. There are several different software packages available, all with different prices and different features, but all doing very much the same thing, concealing your affiliate nature and making you look more professional to the public in general.

You could begin by doing an internet search for link cloaking software when starting your research. Have a look through the different prices, and the different features provided by each one. Some of them are sold for a once-off fee, whereas some of them are sold on a subscription basis, meaning you have to pay a fee every month. Also beware that some of them require you to purchase extra licences if you want to make use of the link cloaking software on more than one website.

Most importantly, look for independent reviews from other customers of the product, as these can often highlight some hidden problems that you might not be aware of otherwise.

Once you have found and purchased the right product, make sure that you set aside an appropriate amount of time to fully read through and understand the documentation that should be provided with it. Contact the support department if you need some extra help understanding some aspects.

When it comes to installing and using the link cloaking software, this will vary depending on the chosen package. The documentation should provide full instructions for this, but very often it is as simple as uploading a plugin to your website and activating it.

Next, all you need to do is copy and paste your existing affiliate link into the new software (again refer to the instructions), and it will do all the rest of the work for you. From this point on you will have a new link that you can use, and these cloaked links have been proven to be more profitable overall.

User Friendly Web Navigation

Figure out your site’s information and have it all laid out and organized so you can determine how and what to build so that it’s easy to use. This is considered to be your information architecture. To be structurally appealing for your website consider some of these aspects, particularly if the site is for a corporate or business web page.

• Products: This is the services or products that your business offers.
• Investor Relations: This information is specifically aimed toward the investors of your business and may also be informative to potential investors.
• About: This tells what your business is, what you stand for, your mission, your location and contact information and more information about your business.
• Support: This provides assistance to people on your website, particularly customers. There may be a link that’s not working properly or if your site is an e-commerce site, they need to know how to contact someone to help them place an order. If your site is a personal web page, you have different information that you need to provide.
• About Me: What is the purpose of the site and identify yourself and any credentials you may have that give more information about you and the purpose of the website.
• Friends and Family: This can provide information about your personal relationships so readers can get more of an idea of who you are.
• Favorite Links: This can help link to other people’s websites that perhaps you know and want to help them develop web traffic or you can give information about some of the links that are your favorites or any websites that may give additional information about the topics on your website.


Once you’ve figured out the basic structure of your website and what it needs to consist of, it’s time to definitely organize it before going live online. You can have multiple pages that you link to from your front page or you could have everything all in one directory. While analyzing how this should be arranged, consider how people surfing your site would want to navigate your site. Think it out on paper so you can visually see how it will flow. Use diagrams and story boards so you can see it visually laid out before going to the trouble of building it only to discover it does not make sense. If you have multiple pages, think about how your one site can all link together as one big web, literally. Map out multiple ways you want the people visiting your page to be able to click.

Website Design

Once you’ve figured out the content and how to organize it, it’s down to the design element of your web site.

Make sure your site is accessible. Keep flash, Java or JavaScript minimal or non-existent. If someone doesn’t have these plug-ins, the site is of no use to the potential reader.

Make sure your content is meaningful and make your information clear. Make sure the information serves a purpose. Otherwise, your website is a waste of time to people.

Make links obvious so that they know what to click on. Skip the cutesy phrases. A first-timer to your website needs to know where to go, simply. Make sure any words and images are understandable and correlate with each other if you use images for linking.

Keep your navigation tools obvious on each page, that way people can go back to the front page if they need to in order to go to different sub-pages. Keep it similar on each page is recommended and in an obvious area, either as a header, footer, or down one side of the page.

Physician Web Design

Blogs are Important

Blogs will help creating link with your website. It will also describe the regular status of you as well as your patients. Patients can learn about their status from your blog and get additional information of specific health condition. This will help them build trust in you and your services.

Professional Web Design Expert

Although it is not very difficult to build a website, it is better to hire a professional website designer who knows the ins and outs of the process, trends of the industry, market demands and technical aspects of building a website. Apart from creating an engaging design, integrating it with amazing content, the designer will take charge of promoting your site to target audience without going over the top.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This is certainly one of the best ways you can get approval for your medical website. The strategy for optimizing website for search engines will increase your reach towards your audience. This ensures a decent position for website on popular search engines. Once you build your own website , it is easier to handover all of the SEO a specialist that holds experience in this field. A lot of web designing companies also offer this service as a part of their services.

Update Medical Site

It is crucial that you update your physician website regularly to keep it fresh and engaging for your audience. There should be something that your audience look forward to. You may do this via adding the latest and most updated information about health care. Also integrate articles on medicines to attract visitors to your website. This strategy for physician web design will help you to gain an edge over competitors.

Web Credibility

It has become a very important subject today. The reality that you have a website mustn’t cause you to rest on your laurels. In recent times, where specifics are indeed a lot of vital than promises; if you’ve got a web business, one in all the foremost vital matters that you just ought to offer due thought is on-line credibility.

There are two chief essential things which you should do and they are: you must literally persuade web visitors that there is truly something worth wild behind having a look at the website. Secondly convincing them that the presentation you are trying to promote is reliable and that you be determined to tune-up your promises advertised on the internet. Here you can find some tips on how to increase your web credibility:

The services which you offer should be stated clearly, accurate contact details, true statements; site should be useful and informative to the visitors, customers queries should be solved time to time, updating the site periodically, common errors should be avoided and so on. All these stuffs play a vital role in the web credibility process.

It is necessary that the information provided in the on page and off page is right. When you are trying to convey some information through a picture it is necessary that even an average person should find it. Likewise a logo which transmits a note is said to be better than a usual one.