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Monthly Archives: January 2017

Link Tracking

If you want to have complete control over the data that you collect, you will want to own the software collecting the data. Don’t worry; link tracking software is not expensive.

Why would you want to use click tracking software? It is an important part of affiliate marketing to understand everything you possibly can about your website visitors. You want to know whether or not your marketing efforts are effective or not. The only way you are going to know this for sure is to track your results.

With link tracking software you are more able to write better targeted content, strengthen your marketing efforts and create higher converting websites.

Link tracking software has the potential to save you hundreds of hours. It can also save you thousands of dollars that you might otherwise waste on ineffective and poor converting advertising campaigns.

If for example you were running an Adwords campaign, along with article marketing to drive traffic to your site, you might very well find out that all the converting visitors are coming from your article marketing efferts, and low to none coming from your Adwords driven traffic. You can see how this would be important information to know, as it would save you literally hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars.

In this day and age you want to track everything. But you do not want to spend too much time on this. You want a click tracking software that will do all the work for you. The ease of simply looking at the data collected will give you all the information you need to turn your Internet marketing efforts into a high performance machine.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to testing and tracking so you will want to leave the hard stuff to automation services when ever possible. This way you can spend as much of your time as possible doing the work that will earn you the most money.

There is a lot more to click tracking software than you realize. You will want to learn about all the benefits that link tracking software is capable of. I am positive that if you have a complete understanding of all the benefits that link tracking software can offer, you will be anxious to get started tracking your links today.

CSS And Web Promotion Techniques

CSS is an amazing tool. But that doesn’t mean you go paint the town with it. Use CSS only when and where it is the best solution available. Using it in places where you could have used another light feature would only hamper your website performance.

Though it is easy to use and great for testing it doesn’t work well in the production code. Always keep the HTML and CSS separate.

Using too many CSS files make it very complex for any changes to be done to the layout. The processing time for files are significantly increased because the browser makes special request for every one of the files.

Web Promotion techniques:

Add an exclusive Portfolio Page to your website where you can showcase all the websites that you have worked on. Include a screen shots of the website along with a link to the same so that visitors can visit the website and check out the design in detail. Along with this, also include brief information about what you have done for the website. Was it the development work, the design or redesign process or some other maintenance task? This lets the visitors know about your approach towards working for a website.

Content is an integral part of a website. People judge the credibility and reliability of a website by reading through its contents. Your content should give a extremely clear idea about your company and business to the audience. Explain them about the products and service that you offer and how it would benefit their businesses. Use simple sentences and language so that visitors can understand well. Avoid using complex industry jargons.

Blogs are an excellent medium to update regular content and to carry out and informal dialogue with your audiences. You can have a informal discussion with your audience about the industry and gather in their comments as well. This will also give your a chance to understand the needs and requirements of your target audience.

Social networking websites are a great platform to promote your business to Internet users. Create an account and establish your presence on major social networking websites like Facebook, MySpace etc. and connect with your industry audience. Communicating with them on a social and informal level would give you valuable knowledge about your niche industry and audience.

Terms Use in Web Development

Home Page
Home Page refers to the first page or the front page of your website. When the visitors type in your website address or click on a link leading to your website, they are greeted by the Home Page. The Home Page includes other major links that lead a visitor to other webpages inside that particular website.

Anchor Text
Every web address has a word which is used as a starting point and ending point that is embedded into the webpage. This word or term is known as Anchor Text.

Certain information is automatically stored by a webserver into a browser. Such information is called a Cookie. Whenever you visit the same website again, that stored information can be accessed. Cookie contains all the information about your computer and its identity and also your surfing activity. It is used to track sales by affiliate programs.

There is a bookmark option available in a web browser. If you want to use a certain website or link for future references and want to mark it as favorite on your web browser, then you can save that link or website using the Bookmark option.

Files and information on the internet are transferred by means of data or speed that is called Bandwidth. If the bandwidth provided by the service provider is high, then it will help in loading your webpage faster.

Database is generally computer data that is stored in a webserver. Web or computer programs can access the database in order to provide or retrieve information for the user.

Impressive Web Sites

  • Provide sufficient information to web designers to give them a good idea of the kind of site you want to launch, your target audience, and business goals.
  • The content is king. Ensure that your site provides sufficient information to users and is written in user-friendly tone. The content also plays a significant role in site promotion. Web designers use several techniques such as search engine optimization and link building to promote sites, where content plays a crucial role.
  • Choose wisely between templates and customization. Most web design companies offer ready-made templates at reasonable prices. These templates are easy to implement and use. If you are not satisfied with the variety of templates, then you can ask a web designer to customize a design for you.
  • Use ecommerce in your site design to provide proper facilities for users to buy products from your site. Add shopping carts. Ensure that the personal and financial information of customers is held confidential and their security is not compromised in any way.
  • Maintain a balance between the appearance and user friendliness of the design. If the home page of a site looks dull, then visitors will not be interested to browse further. On the other hand, if a user is interested to know more about a product, then the site should have effective navigation features to provide all the required information.